Virtus Per Verba: First Person Shouter

Tired of shooting? Shout!


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Virtus Per Verba: First Person Shouter is a first person action game in which instead of shooting your enemies, you'll shout them, or at them. Yes, you will use your character's voice to defeat your enemies.

Virtus Per Verba: First Person Shouter is set in a high school in which bullies do as they want, taking advantage of the weak; but all of that is over now. Your character, who at first jus looks like any other 'four-eyed' nerd, has the power to down his enemies with his voice, and he is not afraid to use it.

Gameplay is just like any other first person shooter. You can move about wherever you want, jump, and of course, shout. Moves are controlled using the keyboard, while aiming and shooting is done using the mouse.

The game uses a visual aesthetic known as 'cell shading' and a very peculiar palette of colors that makes it quite impressive. Plus, the character models are really well done and have a style of their own.

Virtus Per Verba: First Person Shouter is a fun game that offers an interesting story and fun gameplay, with a very underused stage.

The demo only lets you play the first part of the adventure.

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